Please be more specific about network coverage. My wife was in the Kimberley recently and had no coverage outside of the the major towns whereas her colleagues on the Telstra network did.

  • Michael Morrissey
  • May 11 2017
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  • Michael Morrissey commented
    May 11, 2017 13:48

    The sections on the website relating to coverage state that Woolworths uses parts of the Telstra network. This may not be an issue in capital cities but it is in regional areas.

    What exactly are the differences between the Woolworths network and the Telstra network. I chose Woolworths because it was on the Telstra network not realising that it was using a subset of the Telstra network.

    Are there any plans to increase coverage or is that it?

  • philip crebbin commented
    February 26, 2018 23:55

    are the coverage maps different in that area , I checked the regional area I need and both Telstra and woolworths map look similar - but I am worried as I just signed up to woolworths today , and just also realised there is no wifi talk which I had with virgin and optus so I have been caught out already assuming this would be std.