Wi-Fi calling on Woolworth's phon3s and plans

Wi-Fi calling,  a Telstra feature available on Samsung phones,  enables users to make and receive mobile calls over Wi-Fi if there is no phone coverage. 

Would be a massive feature for us living in regional areas where phone signal is poor,  but there is access to Wi-Fi. 

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  • Apr 1 2017
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  • Geoff Moine commented
    May 29, 2017 23:13

    It would also be useful for those living on the South side of Turramurra, where believe it or not we are within 15km from Sydney CBD, but have limited or no signal on Woolworths mobile!!

  • Geoff Moine commented
    May 29, 2017 23:16

    This would also be a useful feature for those of us living on the south side of Turramurra, (just 15km from Sydney CBD), where we have limited or no signal on Woolworth's mobile. It's pathetic.

  • Jason Prichard commented
    February 06, 2018 22:33

    I can't even get good reception in a coastal urban town just south of the Gold Coast (Kingscliff). WiFi calling would enable me to get reception and make business calls without concern - in the modern age this shouldn't need requesting to be added since the phones have been able to do it for a very long time now.

  • Ozwest Now commented
    February 08, 2018 16:27

    Same here in Chidlow!

  • philip crebbin commented
    February 26, 2018 23:49

    so its not part of the service , I was just checking this as I am looking at porting over from virgin and this is an important service in remote areas -  surely  they have this now?