You need a complaints department

I purchased 2 OPPO R9plus phones and can not get any proficient technical support from Woolworth or OPPO for basic performance issues.

in contacting Woolworth and OPPO tech support I got people who did not comprehend the basic issue of connecting these phones to a windows 10 computer, they fumbled with extra programs that replace those issued with the phone and required the cloud.

Take a look at Samsung who have kies3 as a simple download and give a seamless interaction between phone and computer.

there are other issues with phone banking and Garmin products.

Whish I could return the phones.

Totally dissatisfied

  • Richard Neville
  • Nov 17 2016
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  • Not gonna Happen commented
    May 02, 2017 15:27

    I almost brought an Oppo... Almost! I don't hate myself enough to get an Oppo though. 

    Did you ever bother to check compatibilities? 

  • Not gonna Happen commented
    May 02, 2017 15:35

    Did you bother taking the time to check compatibilities? 

    I almost got myself an Oppo, but I figured that if I hated myself enough to even consider an 'apple' device, I'd just end it all. It's not Woolworths fault you didn't bother to do your part

  • No One commented
    August 16, 2018 16:57

    The complaints department is called the TIO, it's the only way to get anywhere with them. 

    If it's a legitimate issue, they refuse to help and palm you off to the manufacturers as soon as possible... Pre-Paid customers are on our own!