Allow SMS to be sent when overseas

Hi, I was just on my way to port my service to you as I liked the offering, but after some research I realised that I won't be able to. 

When I travel overseas I always divert my mobile to an AU landline to keep costs down, however in today's day and age a requirement is to be able to at least receive SMS' when overseas as most banks and other services for example today require verification codes to be sent as an SMS to be able to login to various services. 


In most countries there is no charges to the user or provider when receiving SMS messages, you are usually only charged for receiving. 


If Woolworths Mobile had allowed me to at least receive SMS' when I'm overseas I would have been on-board immediately. 

Maybe consider this as a feature for the future, even if it requires an add-on to be purchased when travelling? 




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  • Sep 4 2016
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