would be great to be able to purchase another handset to replace broken ones etc.. without the new phone plan, but just as an extra phone if current plan is not completed yet

it would be useful especially for people on pre-paid sims who need a handset but are happy with the pre-paid call option

  • kelly wittmann
  • Feb 9 2016
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  • Graeme Veitch commented
    February 15, 2016 10:51

    Kelly, thank you for your suggestion. purchasing replacement handsets is something the product team will be looking into. In the meantime you will find a selection of great value handsets in your local Woolworths Supermarket.

  • Wil Fletcher commented
    February 16, 2016 22:17

    DEFINITELY !!!!!!! This must be the number 1 back breaker for people struggling with having a mobile phone account. An additional amount for phone insurance or even just factor it into the price. The Samsung S5 is a great phone for example, but there is a very very high chance it won't last 2 years. Samsung just don't make them that robust.