Online Support

Live chat or email support or even support forum where other users can assist each other.

  • David Lee
  • Jun 10 2018
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  • Billy-Jo Mene commented
    June 27, 2018 21:43

    You need a live chat people! Something where u Will actually respond to us. We are real people w real lives using your mouse wheel stupid app where we never get anywhere

  • Barney Cservak commented
    August 06, 2018 22:25

    Agree. I just got an email saying my automatic payment from my (unexpired) credit card was unsuccessful. Tried to pay using the same card (with an expiry of April 2019) and correct CCV and still refused payment. I'm not going to change my card because of their problem. Can't chat or talk to anyone. This is not bad service - this is no service! If I'm put out by their problem, I'd be seeking compensation. Problem is who do I contact? CATCH 22.